Is eyelash tinting safe and how often should you do it?

Do you want to have long, dark lashes without having to use mascara every day? A lash tint is calling to you! But what exactly is eyelash tinting? One of our professional lash stylists will apply a semi-permanent dye to your natural lashes, which will not only emphasize your facial features but also provide a rich color to your dull lash line. 

This procedure is often performed on visitors who have naturally light or fine lashes, but the beauty of a lash tint is that anybody may receive it for a deeper, natural lash appearance. Another appealing aspect of lash tinting is that it is a low-maintenance procedure that provides an immediate update to your eyes and overall appearance. 

Is Tinting Eyelashes Safe? 

Yes! The Lash Lounge's eyelash tinting procedure is completely risk-free! Actually, the dyes are designed particularly for use on eyelashes, and the tinting process is mild on your lashes and eye region. Our stylists go through a comprehensive training program where they learn how to apply lash tint securely and properly to provide the greatest results for our visitors! 

Advantages of Custom Eyelash Tinting 

Our unique tinting technique assures that you will leave with lashes colored to the color you specified when you scheduled your appointment. During your appointment, you will collaborate with your stylist to choose a shade that suits your hair color and complexion. This enables us to customize the service and fulfill your final lash tinting objectives. 

Want to learn more about the advantages of eyelash tinting? You've got it! 

·         Darker and fuller lashes 

·         Morning rituals without makeup 

·         Maintenance-free lash color (no mascara required!) 

·         Lashes that draw attention to your innate attractiveness 

How Long Does Eyelash Tint Last? 

A lash tint full of rich, stunning color may last up to four weeks for most Lash Lounge clients! When it comes time to freshen the color, your expert lash stylist will discuss how often you'll need to schedule future sessions to keep those lashes looking beautiful. 

When it comes to the duration of a lash tinting procedure, it is brief! We're talking about 30 minutes here! And if you want to add an extra service to your lash tint for an even stronger eye appearance, you may do so! Just bear in mind that combining services will almost certainly extend your appointment. 

What is the duration of an eyelash lift and tint? 

Do you want your lashes to seem thicker and more defined? We've got your back! Our eyelash tinting procedure may be used alone or in conjunction with other services such as lash lift. This is referred as a lash lift and tint! A lash lift may last up to eight weeks on its own, but if you receive a lift AND tint, we suggest scheduling sessions every four weeks to maintain your lashes flawlessly curled and color-fresh. Take a look at this Eyelash tinting Smithtown NY

To truly make your eyes POP, we recommend coupling a lash tint with a complete set of bespoke eyelash extensions for visitors with lighter hair. Most clients plan lash extensions visits every two weeks for a lash refill; however, if you include a lash tint, it's recommended to renew your tint every other lash fill session (approximately every four weeks) or when your stylist prescribes.